After Spending more Than 15 valuable years of my Life in Schooling, College and other Academics Related stuff, in more that 7 schools and Colleges, over India..i still can't understand the Chimera or the Illusion of an Academic life..i mean what do they really want from us..A scoring machine or a Productive skilled citizen, I am pointing this Blog towards the Rising Expectations of the does'nt mean that, i am scared of their rising expectations in anyway..but i have one question poping up in my mind ever since i was in class 6th..that.."is that all worth it ??".. leave Schooling apart, because that is more or less same everywhere..but atleast Academic Hubs like Universities and Colleges should hold some Standards..the old conviction of mine got stronger and firmer when i got into College..i thought pursuing a Technical course would help me Experiencing, a Cut-Throat Academic Standards, but all in-vein, it became more or less like a School.. after a Semester or so..making my words clear, i would like to add a reference of a Recent incident of Mine, last week in my C++ Programming Lab, my VIVA lasted for more than 50 minutes, whereas u might be Wondering, that in university like that of SASTRA, Viva-Voce does'nt last more than 5 minutes..even in my viva, in which Subject part lasted nearly for 4 minutes, the rest of it, was Cold Debate with my External Examinar..She is one of the Senior most Professors of my Department, her point was," every one should try for 10 point CGPA..." that i was trying to tell her that, there is no point in Producing TEN Pointers if their QUALITY or the SKILL Level is ZERO..I also told her that there is NO USE PRODUCING "ACADEMIC AUTOMATONS"..who know Nothing out of their won't Help them in Getting into GOOGLE or MICROSOFT...anyway, from my college even if someone, Score 10 Pointers in a row, all over 8 semester,Even then they would be landing in TCS, WIPRO,INFOSYS or anyother similar other 800 students..with cgpa's starting from 6 or so..i mean the whole point is..what did they get in the end..a 3.2 pakage..isn't it infair?..
That is why, not to be unfair at the end..i was trying to convey the staff, that the extra activities that we do, in the course of our Academic Life may cost some points but they help us learning many SKILLS and REAL LIFE Lessons Which they don't teach otherwise,and that way there are more chances of you Landing with something better (also if,in worse case,things dont turn out the way you thought, even then u'll have the threshold stuff[tcs, wipro]with u c ther is nothing to lose only GAIN-GAIN)..but That evening when i told all this to sirji..he gave me big a lecture (lecture no. 2)..But anyway i was convinced,after that,i slightly modified my caption,that "IF THE SOMETHING BETTER STUFF COMES ALONG WITH 10 POINTS, IT WOULD BECOME EVEN BETTER.."..[ NO-OFFENSE :) ]