I think..(Although very rarely!!).. Everyone in this World (read it as WWW) has his (or in Some Cases Her..) View on Something or the other..it may be Right,Wrong, Legal, Illegal, feasible or impossible whatever..in the views of others...that may entirely depend upon the Perception and Thinking of the Other Person..although i may sound Philosophical and hence Boring..but if said in short...EVERY HUMAN BEING HAS HIS/HER VIEW...IT IS SET BY DEFAULT (BACK 2 THE TYM WHEN U WERE INSTALLED IN THIS VIRTUAL WORLD!!)..SO, this is My Platform to Share n Display my DEFAULT VIEW..hope u r still awake..

WARNING: Eventualy when u'll go through DEFAULT VIEW u'll figure out that many of the terms used here by default are somewhere related to COMPUTERS (which i have fascination of) so frankly speaking, Guys i can't help it much..i know at times it becomes really awful..(but u c that is your DEFAULT VIEW..)..anyway there is nothing much Geeky here..so mostly try to read it..and if some battery is still left in u...u can post your comments also..that too absolutely free(no hidden charges!!)