After Three Weeks of Extensive Planning and Countless Late night Strategic Meetings we came up with many on and off the League marketing strategies for the inaugural function for the freshers which involved making up 3 highly attractive and cool full size Posters, announcement in VDV by GLOSS members, Special Announcement and Notices in the Girls Hostel, making the introductory video of GLOSS, A highly Professional and Cool looking Website for Registration which was hosted on Sanjeev's Lappy Accessible through Wi-Fi, arrangement of PriZes and last but not the least, Tackling Departmental issues like Permission for the Tifac Seminar Hall etc. Although as per Planned Most of the things went fine except for the few minor issues
like, we were expecting little more Crowd, also 15% of the total junta came Late (although this is something which is Present innately in the genes of most of the SASTRA STUDENTS, so that's why we were not much of surprised!!) also our event Overshot by 1 hour 15 minutes(this was also not as such very surprising, especially when Abhishek is speaking ) but One good thing was Abhishek sir was more down to earth more Humane today which is something i am personally happy about, so no regrets of the Overshot Event.
Going by the event statistics most of the juniors were from either from ITC Group (CSE(42), IT(5), ICT(21) ) or from Bio M:F sex Ratio was 55:45 which was unlike usual GLOSS Crowd, but also one Disappointing thing was that the most of the people who turned up had lesser IQ than what an average First Year Guy/Gal in SASTRA Has ( Although i am not so sure about the latter!) especially some jackasses were real time annoying Frogs and were getting on nerves big tym!! except that everything went well as per planned also few chicks were smart enough and asked some meaningful questions, the best part was that all the Gloss Member were introduced with an huge applause which was worth the efforts we made for the event, also i got a minute to speak with them which i think was something Cool !!


dude . how can u say most of the guys had lower IQ? did u conduct some kind of IQ test?
Or are u a real genius?