Hello EveryOne,

Wish You all a Very Happy Software Freedom Day..yes it is 20th of September and the Great Day is Here..Many People may not realize its Importance Otherwise..But for We people, We people at GLOSS or even Better.. People at SASTRA.. this Day Holds a lot of Stuff in it..Not only from Open Source or GLOSS standpoint..but From a Human Standpoint..it Signifies lot of things ranging from Revolutionizing the Lives of People in all aspect and Dimensions where Computer and Software has its Reach..This Day is a Tribute To those Countless Geeks and Developers who have given their Lifetime..working day and night for Making Things easier so that People in other part of world may Live a Comfortable and Lavish life..

Whenever we use a Software be it Open sourced, Proprietary or Cracked or watever..How many times do we have Thankful Attitude??..But Believe me.. For any Software to be in its Current Form..i.e the way we see n use it..How-so-ever small be it.. right from a minute Flash file to a massive Operating system..Those were the Dreams, aspirations n Brainchild of Some unknown Developer..somewhere around the Globe..But Do we bother even for a second, so as to give a thought to who made it??..No we Don't..Because we think..Its none of Our Business to Care..But Guys tell me one thing..Who Else will Care..if We Don't???

So..its a Great day to give a "Standing Owetion"..to those Guys who made it Possibe..and Realize that...we Owe them Something..which we can repay by Contributing back or atleast try Contributing Back to the community be it in any form..Everyone of us Are Good in Someways..but the thing is u should know It..wat is it that u r gud at or u can be gud at? Be it anything..not everyone is needed to be Programmer..at times giving Ears to someone is also a contribution in Someway..

Hope I am Successful enough to Pass my Message to you..Believe Me..if u Understand this..Our Purpose Of Celebrating Software Freedom Week..will Be More than Solved..:)

Thank you..for Giving your Ears for Sometime and Hence making your First Contribution:)