I've had a lot to blog about recently, but wasn't able to due to sheer laziness and hesitance, but as time is finally running out, I've realized I have to push things now and get a few things out of my system to clear my head. Blogging is one such medium which clears your head well, as far as I have felt, other than being a great tool to communicate your ideas, make a lot of friends, advance your career, creating your online brand, helping you not forget things that you've done, and being your resume, etc.. Let's not get into too much of that right now and stick to the topic ;)

Recently, I've had a lot to blog about, but wouldn't do so for no good reason. Time, was definitely not a problem since xams are bit away. I was just too hesitant, too lazy, obscure to put it right. I've had this huge pile of ideas in my head. It feels such a burden right now. I have to let it out somehow. Blogging is the best way to..


So, what are all these ideas? You've got me curious now!