The world has forgotten the real meaning of has been so abused and crucified by man that only few people know what true love is....everyone wants love but they don't know how to give away love or how to "cultivate" love....In the universal sense,love is the divine power of attraction in creation that harmonizes,unites,binds together.
Conjugal love is one of the greatest expressions of human love, when a man and women genuinely and purely love one another,there is complete harmony between them in body,mind and soul. when their love is expressed in highest form,it results in perfect unity,if this is true then then "true love" has actually become extinct. harmony as a virtue is rare in today's time.
why is this happening..-one simple reason-man is becoming selfish day by day,In our mindless pursuit of wealth and status,we are cheating ourselves of simple everyday pleasures.

"money has become sexier than sex itself-the biggest turn on for the so called youngistaan that foolishly believes that plastic makes impossible possible.
shun the sickness of compulsive consumerism-take out time for loved ones. Even a 1% effort can establish a perfect harmony all over the world.


inner feelings ??? well written

You are exactly right: the reason love has been so degraded is because people are now so self-centered, if love isn't being GIVEN (to THEM), it must not "really" be love. No one wants to give love, only to receive it. How unfortunate that our generation feels that way. We're really missing out.