Today I had the final round of Tech-Debate, Conducted by Members of Association of Computer Engineers (ACE), I teamed Up With Animesh, who out performed, beating all the Odds, which I Initially had :P

The Topic we chose for the prelims was " CYBERCRIME : THE COMPUTER SECURITY IS NOT ADEQUATE " , I spoke for the Topic (Being Cybernazi !!) and Animesh was against it, He had a real tough time facing the jury and audience during the Rebuttal Round, but he was adamant and stubborn enough to keep up his point !!, and I too kind of Backed him up, and we made it to Finals which was held today, some Six Teams were selected. And this time the topic was " RECESSION: THE BEST TIME TO START AN EXPLOSIVE INDUSTRY " and we were supposed to Speak “ FOR” it , Although I don't read lot of Newspapers and also, Not a Economic Buff so I had a Hard Time Initially Thanks to Animesh and Abhilash, who although being the Underdogs of their Elective: Business Studies, did come up with many beautiful points and which I was explained in a matter of some 30 Minutes, in the Backdrop of One of the Most Strict Staff of Our CSE Department, I was really at some point amazed at their deep Understanding of many Delicate Concepts which I was Completely Alien to, also I discovered Economics is Really a Interesting Subject If dealt with Proper Mentor.

Anyway it went well, with lot of Glitches, Loops and Oops, But thanks to our Opponents who were really smart at some Point which made the Event a Memorable One!!

Special Thanks to Komal who was there to Cheer us all the time, and At times the Only One in the whole Damn Hall to Clap for Us ;-)

Lets See What the Judges Felt , which will be known only by Tomorrow!

Just Wish Me Luck!!