Option trading in India is nothing but official form of pure Gambling for those who are not expert of volatile Indian stock market.
If you do normal trading in stocks, there will be a chance that your stocks will perform better in near future even if it may be at worst condition now. If you invest in option trading and market goes opposite of your expectation, you will loose completely your investment.
investors are not much mature, they just pull out all invested money with huge loss on a single bad news. Most of the Indian investors don’t have patience. This is why BSE and NSE are much more volatile compared to foreign stock exchange.
All mathematical models and software to predict the future trend of Indian stock market BSE and NSE failed most of the time to predict correctly. To avoid huge loss in trading, don’t invest your money at option trading in INDIA.

Just as a part of routine Regular Browsing, Dunno what exactly Strike into my mind..Perhaps, to check out my existence in this world, At least Digital if not Physical, I gave my Own Name as the Search Tag, The Phrase which I gave was "vikas mishra cybernazi" .

Guess what..? To all my astonishment, the search results which appeared on the Page 1,2,3 were all mine,in a row!! Listing out most of my web Traces, which mostly Included Social Networking Sites and My Personnel Blogs. My shoulders brodenned as if my Photo had appeared on TIME COVERPAGE.

Looks Like Mr. Nobody Has Become Famous.. :P

Ever Since I was Introduced to Internet, One thing which always fascinated me was Social Networking, and as I matured and made my way through the Social Media, watching out for more and more people all around the globe, It is Sometime Surprising and really Heartening to know what others are thinking in the First and Second World Nations, also in the Quest of knowing the world around me in a better way, I have known about millions of new things be it in the form of an Idea , Information or a untimely joy and made some of the really good friends Online, Which I really wonder, to meet them sometime in Person, at some point in my life !!

In all, It has been a really worthwhile experience, worth every Time and Effort of investment, It has not only shaped my Inner Dimension in understanding people but also to Develop an ability to collaborate with New People and do some real work and also generate some extra bucks online.

Lately in the recent past..I have been Active on the Following Social Networks.

Orkut xanga Advogato

Facebook Reunion.com ANobii

My Space Habbo Flickr

Hi5 Jammer Direct vox

Blogger wayn Multiply

You Tube Friendster Meetup.com

LinkedIn Classmates.com OkCupid

Windows Live Spaces Open Diary Ning

Twitter LiveJournal wis.dm

Doostang CouchSurfing webbiographies

Tagged.com Fotolog MyLOL

TravBuddy.com Talkbiznow Shutterfly

PS: Some day when I am free I will Post all my Profile Links of the Above Sites.