After thinking for a while I’ve come to know that unknowingly or unintentionally we all are the part of rat race, with one common motive of winning the race and I am surprised to see that this thing starts right from the age of 7 or 8, when our parents says, look, the other girl/boy is better than you(in studies, sports, dance etc… ) you try hard to prove, to be in competition…

We grow up wondering whether ever we’ll be there at the top someday ?In college somebody else takes your trophy in a typical filmy way and you just end up playing the sidie(dancing behind the hero/heroins)… …

When you enter into professional life (with whatever amount of courage left inside) your colleagues and most importantly the BOSS waits for you( like a hungry lion waits for a poor goat) with the butcher’s knife(though invisible)in hand…

Finally one fine day you come to know that there’s a word called blogging where you can be just yourself and lo, here too you are worried for the comments, just don’t wanna be out of the competition…right?

What’s the solution??now please don’t say that you care a damn about this competition, because I know that all of us secretly dream of winning this race…don’t we??



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